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A fun event where people pitch their single friends in front of an audience of great people Think “The Bachelor" … but with PowerPoint !

How does it work?

On the Fitzroy stage, the pitching friend and the friend they are pitching are both present.

The pitches are short: 3 minutes maximum and they are followed by a Q&A session where the single person answers questions from the audience.

If the person on stage caught your eye, don't hesitate to ask a question !

The presentation support is a series of funny and quirky slides in the style of start-up pitch decks… or not. Give it your all - it will never be too much !

After the presentations, we mingle over a drink and maybe find a match in the crowd

Apply to pitch your friend by sending a message to @pitch_dating on Instagram !

Get a ticket so we can track the number of people attending, if you want guaranteed seating make a table reservation by contacting The Fitzroy directly


The Pitch Dating FAQ :

Where does the concept come from ?

Launched by two friends Nancy and Jackie, the YoushouldDate.ppt phenomenon started in the United States with a series of events in Boston, NYC and Seattle…

Is there an age limit?

18 and over.

Is the event open to the LGBTQ+ community ? What about non-monogamous relationships ?

Yes of course ! We try to come up with a final line up of pitches that supports diversity and inclusion.

If I register online, does that mean I am officially pitching ?

Not exactly. As we are limited by time, we cannot guarantee to be able to accommodate all the pitches. We will contact you shortly after receiving your application.

How are pitches selected?

We give priority to the quality of the presentation, humor, and creativity. So do not hesitate to go all out ! Apply by sending a message to @pitch_dating on Instagram

Can I pitch myself ?

Unfortunately not, the pitcher/pitchee duo is a prerequisite.

Can I pitch on the day of ?

No, you must first have validated your presentation via the form.


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